C.V. :

2017 – :          Working as a (Mixed Media) artist in Andalucia, Spain.

1995 – :         Self-employed artist.

2012 – 2017:  Member of the Art Committee of the municipality of Hengelo (Nld.)

2016: Member of the committee remembrance artwork ‘Menthol’, Hengelo (Nld.)

1990 – 1995:  Art Academy Enschede (AKI/ Artez), Nld., Grafic Art department. (graduated)

1986 – 1990:  Employed at Stichting Reclassering arr. Almelo, Nld., Probation officer/ Social work.

1982 – 1986:  Soc. Academy of Twente, Nld., Social work. (graduated)

1976 – 1982:  VWO Atheneum, Twickelcollege Hengelo, Nld., (graduated)



  • XXXII Certamen de Pintura y Escultura, cuidad de Álora,  contest of selected artworks, España.
    Honorable mention.
  • Group exhibition Casa Adnew, Málaga, España.
  • Group exhibition “Art & Care for Nature”, Waterstaatskerk, Hengelo (NL)


  • Group exhibition El Artsenal Inoxis, Alhaurin el Grande, Espana
  • Group exhibition “Onder de Aandacht”, V&D Hengelo (NL)
  • Open Studio + group exhibition Open Ateliers Hengelo (Kasbah en Markt 8), Hengelo (NL)
  • Online exhibition “XXIV Salón de Minitextiles”, CAAT, Centro Argentino de Arte Textil, Argentina.
  • Scythia, “Mini10” International exhibition of mini textile art,
    Ivano-Frankivs’k Ukraine.
  • URVANITY Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid, with Galeria Isolina Arbulu.
  • Solo show “Lost souls make strong spirits”, Galería Isolina Arbulu, Marbella España.
  • Group exhibition “Mar sin plastico #2”, L’atelier Nijar, Nijar España.
  • Online group exhibition , “REDis” Sergio Gomez Art, Chicago USA.


  • Group exhibition , “Humor helpt” (Corona-art), Schouwburg Hengelo, Nld.
  • International Art Project (SP – Nld) “Mar sin Plastico”, Zaal Zuid, Hengelo, Nld.
  • 13th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art,  Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine.
  • Group exhibition El Cafe del Artsenal, Alhaurin El Grande, España.
  • Group exhibition Zhou B Art Center “Threads of truth”, Chicago USA.


  • Group exhibition HeArt Gallery, Hengelo Nld.
  • Textiel Plus Competition 2019, Den Bosch, Nld.
  • 8th Biennal of Contemporary Textile Art (WTA), Madrid, España.
    Second prize photography textile art.
  • Group exhibition Waterstaatskerk Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Galería Luz de la Vida, Cόmpeta (Málaga), España.
  • Passeo del Arte, Cόmpeta (Málaga), España.
  • Group exhibition Es Arte gallery, Marbella, España.
  • V-mail Art Project , Storkpaviljoen Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Kunstzaal Achterom, Haaksbergen, Nld.


  • Group exhibition Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine, HeArtgallery Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition HeArtgallery Hengelo, Nld.,  “HeArtsale”.
  • Group exhibition Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine, “Herbstgäste”, Mettingen, Ibbenbüren, Dörenthe, Germany.


  • Soloshow “Tegendraads”, HeArtgallery Hengelo, Nld.
  • Sculpture route “Heart Gardens”(outside), Heartpool Foundation, Hengelo, Nld.
  • HeArtlane sculpture route “De boom in” (outside), a collaboration project between HeArtgallery and StARTion Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Hengelo Toont 2”, HeArtgallery, Hengelo, Nld.


  • “Coming Out 2016”, Art Event at the Rabo Theater Hengelo, Art One Enschede, ‘Bicycle Highway’ Hengelo-Enschede, Nld.
  • Art Event “Kunstmoment” (outside), Diepenheim, Nld.
  • Group exhibition BernhArts Vlonders (outside), Pr. Bernhardplantsoen Hengelo, Nld.
  • Art route “Kunstenlandschap” (outside), Lonneker, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Hasenkabinett in Weener, Germany.
  • Group exhibition “Hengelo Toont” (co-prod. J. Beerling), HeArtGallery Hengelo, Nld.


  • Group exhibition “Stellingname 2.0”, Installation city hall (outside) Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Museum Palthehuis Oldenzaal, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Transito”, Telgenflat, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Art project “Kunst, werk aan de winkel”, Hengelo, Nld.


  • Duo exhibition “Longstockings”, in collaboration with J. Beerling, “Zie de Vide”, Rabo Theater Hengelo, Nld.
  • Presentation book “Longstockings”, in collaboration with J. Beerling, Rabo Theater Hengelo, Nld.


  • Group exhibition “Mijn Engel”, gallery de Groninger Kroon, Finsterwolde, Nld.
  • Soloshow “Vorbei den Hörnern blicken”, Hasenkabinett, Weener, Germany. ( part of the exhibition “Typisch Hollands in Deutschen Stuben”, Germany).
  • Group exhibition “Plaatsbepaling” (outside), De Houtmaat, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Art route “Kunst en Landschap”, Galerie Mieke de Wolf, Lonneker, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Hollands Glorie”, Galerie de Groninger Kroon, Finsterwolde, Nld.


  • Group exhibition “Typisch Hollands”, Museum De Oude Wolden (MOW), Bellingwolde, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Typisch Holland”, Het Huizer Museum, Huizen, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Typisch Hollands”, Museum Nairac, Barneveld, Nld.
  • Art route (outside) , Losser-Overdinkel, Nld.


  • Group exhibition , de Creatieve Fabriek, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Soloshow CBK Concordia,”The world is a knitted paradise”, Enschede, Nld.
  • Art event ‘Kunstmoment’ (outside), Diepenheim, Nld.


  • Group exhibition “A muse”, Galerie Judy Straten, Horst Limburg, Nld.
  • Art manifestation “Kunst in het Volkspark”, Enschede, Nld.
  • Art project “Met voeten getreden”, liberation festival, Zwolle, Nld.
  • Sculpture route “Heart Gardens” (outside), Heartpool Foundation, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Hasenkabinett”, Weener, Germany.


  • Group exhibition “Power Flowers”, Vos Interieur, Groningen, Nld
  • Soloshow “Power Flowers”, Galerie Ann’s Art, Groningen, Nld.
  • Soloshow Galerie Judy Straten, Horst Limburg, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Terug naar 1969”, Remonstrant church Groningen, Nld. ( Albion Putti Art agency.)
  • “Huntenkunst”, International stage for contemporary art, Doetinchem, Nld.
  • Soloshow “Going to the Dogs”, Gallery 16, SBK, Hengelo, Nld.


  • Sculpture route “Tussen mest en mais”, Lemselo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Kunstenaarsbedden”, Bazaar 4, CBK Drenthe, Assen, Nld.
  • Purchase exhibition, city of Hengelo, city hall Hengelo, Nld.


  • Group exhibition “Kunstige Kitsch”, Artists’ Association Verkuno, Roden, Nld.
  • Soloshow “Terug naar de voliere”, Het Agterhuis, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Sculpture route (outside) “Balcony Scenes”, Borne, Nld.
  • Open studio route “The Hengelo Open”, group exhibition “art box”, Drienerstraat Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “40 × 40”, Twickelcollege Hengelo, Nld.


  • Group exhibition HenK B.V. , former slaughterhouse, Oldenzaal, Nld.
  • Art manifestation “Kunst in het Volkspark”, Enschede, Nld.
  • Group exhibition HenK B.V. “Papier”, Balengebouw, Enschede, Nld.2006


  • Huntenkunst 2005, International stage for contemporary art, Doetinchem Nld.
  • Open studio route Hengelo; solo exhibition Art Center CREA and group exhibition “Arttable”, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Soloshow “Rozen verwelken …”, Museum Het Palthehuis, Oldenzaal, Nld.


  • Soloshow “La vache qui rit” (Koehandel), Brinktoren, Hengelo, part of “HeArt Feelings”, HeArtpool Foundation. Also work at Lunchroom Kolste, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition HenK B.V., BAK 25, Almelo, Nld.
  • Soloshow Kunstcentrum Hengelo “Relax, furnished by IKEA” (in cooperation with IKEA), Hengelo,Nld.


  • Group exhibition “ Kunst op een sokkel”, Heartpool Foundation, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Multi-media group exhibition “Smart”, Galerie Artistiek, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “A4”, Kunsthuis Lambooij, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Open studio route, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Soloshow Cultuurcentrum De Vrijhof, University of Twente, Enschede, Nld.


  • Group exhibition HenK BV, OCBK Zwolle, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Weerglas”, Wilhelminaschool Hengelo, Nld.
  • Cultural festival ‘Rockarty’, Enschede, Nld.
  • Traveling group exhibition “Kunst in de kast”, (extended), OCBK Zwolle, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Oude Blasiuskerk, Delden (nomination city prize Delden), Nld.
  • Sculpture route “Heart Gardens” (outside), Heartpool Foundation, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Soloshow Kunsthuis Lambooij, Hengelo, Nld.


  • Traveling group exhibition “Kunst in de kast”, OCBK Zwolle, Nld.
  • Educational group exhibition, Kunstcentrum Hengelo, Nld. ( in collaboration with Edith Steijn Academie).
  • Group exhibition Henk BV, Kunstcentum Hengelo, Nld.
  • Studio manifestation Hengelo artists, Hengelo, Nld.


  • Group exhibition “Natuurlijk Mens”, Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Project-2000”, Galerie Münsterland, Emsdetten, Germany.
  • Purchase exhibition Fire Station, Hengelo. Nld.
  • Participation Open studio route Oosterhout (guest), also group exhibition Galerie ’t Kijkhuis, Oosterhout, Nld.
  • Group exhibition HenK BV, Kunstcentrum Hengelo, Nld.
  • Soloshow Gallery Muurbloem, Delden, Nld.


  • Soloshow Scala Hengelo, Nld.
  • Soloshow Galerie M 22738, part of art project “Tour des Chats”, Ruurlo, Nld.
  • Huntenkunst 1999, International stage for contemporary art, Doetinchem, Nld.
  • Group exhibition HenK BV, Kunstcentrum Hengelo, Nld.


  • Group exhibition Kunsthal Hof 88, Almelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Galerie Io, Rotterdam, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Salon Public (Grand Cru Café Public, KCO) Zwolle, Nld.


  • Group exhibition Henk BV, Enschede City Hall, Nld.
  • Soloshow Kunsthuis Lambooij, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition HenK BV, Kunstcentrum Hengelo, Nld.
  • Group exhibition foundation ‘The Virtual Room’, Hengelo, Nld.
  • Soloshow Galerie Muurbloem , Delden, Nld.


  • Group exhibition Factory hall Bamshoeve, Enschede, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Voorjaarssalon (graduation selection), Galerie Gooyer Fine Art, Doesburg, Nld.


  • Soloshow‘De Truttige Tuijl’, Utrecht, Nld.
  • Group exhibition Karavansaray, Enschede, Nld.
  • Soloshow (graduation) “De Villa”, exhibitions and studios, Enschede, Nld.
  • Group exhibition “Vrijheid en Gebondenheid”, Kunstcentrum Hengelo, Nld.


  • Group exhibition “Het eigen gezicht”, Graphic Atelier Twente and Photo Gallery “Objektief”, Enschede, Nld.


  • Soloshow Galerie ‘De Rarekiek’ , Gelselaar, Nld.

Commission work

2015: Designing and realisation of a private outdoor statue.

2011: The municipality of Hengelo commissioned to create an outside statue (“Het Afgedwaalde Schaap”), Hengelo, Nld

2005: Veterinary Practice “De Hagmolen”, Delden, Nld., commissioned to make a design for their waiting room and a treatment room.

2003: Hospital  Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede, Nld., commissioned to design and create an art facility on a wall in the reception hall.

2000: Hengelo fire brigade commissioned to design and create two absorption cushions at the base of the sliding poles. Also create an object of St. Florian, patron saint of firefighters.