Nanon C. F. Morsink – Mixed Media artist

11-08-1964 the Netherlands, living in Spain.
Graduated: 1995 Artez Art Academy Enschede, the Netherlands.


“ My truth is different from yours,
Yet we both see the truth.
My presence is different from yours.
Yet we both are present!”


Nanon Morsink defines herself as a mixed media artist, an appropriate title for her eclectic use of materials. Her work is notable for the creation of captivating figures and paintings, often incorporating recycled elements such as rope and plastic from Andalusian greenhouses, the latter being the most recent. Her ability to continually evolve and take her work to new directions gives her a fresh, ironic and unique style.

In her creative process, Morsink not only explores the emotional connection with different materials, but also critiques controversial aspects of society that are often considered acceptable. Her work becomes a platform to question and challenge contemporary social conventions. This unique perspective adds an extra dimension to work that reflects both her life experience and an acurate reflection on het social analysis.

Originally from the Netherlans, Nanon currently resides in Spain and her work is actively exhibited globally, including recently an exhibition in Chicago. In 2019, her work was highlighted at the World Textile Biennial in Madrid, and her art is part of several collections, including the RABO Art Collection, Hengelo City Hall among others. In addition, her work can also be found in private collections, such as the Lindner Colection.

Isolina Arbulu, director of Galeria Isolina Arbulu.